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Why Pixel Marketing?


Are you looking to boost the traffic and sales of your business?


Do you want your local Australian business to remain relevant in the Age of Wireless Mobile Internet?


Would you like to leave your competitors behind?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you have come to the right place! We have helped many of Australian businesses such as yours reach maximum visibility on the Internet.

We don’t just specialize in search engine optimization, we offer the complete package of digital marketing services your company needs to increase sales, boost ROI, and develop a solid brand.

What makes us different? We use a brand-centered approach to all the digital marketing-related services we offer.

If you are serious about improving your brand’s visibility and impact on your target customers online, you need to think in terms of brands too.

The Internet is full of sad stories of local Australian businesses retaining ‘hit it and quit it’ quick traffic boosting services only to regret it.

What’s the point of getting top rankings on Google and Bing one day only to lose it shortly after?

How does your business profit from a social media presence that might leave your business vulnerable to customer complaints or abuse?

We have something else in mind for your business.  We help you build a sustainable online brand that can withstand the test of time and fickle short-lived consumer tastes.

Contact us for a free consultation today and find out for yourself why local, regional, and national Australian businesses keep coming back to us for results.

We offer the following services-each are designed to make your business come out on top of your competition!



Unlike the vast majority of other SEO Sydney providers and consulting services catering to the Australian market, we offer SEO that is specifically designed to last.

SEO services Pixel Marketing

We don’t believe in quick highly temporary search engine ranking boosts. Instead, we use brand-building content and highly targeted outreach campaigns. Our campaigns not only help your site get top ranking for your target keywords but we also drive actual prospective customers directly to your site!

How serious are we about SEO done right?

First, we use our own custom-coded and custom-engineered tools to ensure that we build your website’s SEO infrastructure and footprint on the right data. Second, we only use a natural-looking backlink footprint to ensure your site gets top ranks... and keeps them! Third, we use a content-based linking system. This way, your online brand value increases over time while driving highly targeted highly interested direct traffic to your site.

Responsive Web Design


Putting up a website using any of the ‘free’ tools available online is usually a one way ticket to failure. Similarly, hiring a cheap web developer to slap together a web ‘presence’ for your company often creates more problems than it solves.

Web Design Pixel Marketing

Contact us today to see how the right website can help your business achieve the following:

Attract new business

Maintain your brand power with existing customers

Communicate your brand’s unique message clearly and effectively

Contact us today and turn your website into a powerful sales and/or appointment booking tool for your business!


Social Media Marketing (SMM)


Make no mistake, Facebook and Instagram can drive tremendous traffic to your website. Even better, a solid presence on these social media platforms enables your business to craft a trustworthy online brand people readily refer to their friends. Normally, building a ‘good name’ offline can take years if not decades. On social media, this can be done very quickly.

SMM services Pixel Marketing

We help you avoid costly social media marketing mistakes. Sadly, too many small businesses run social media campaigns with unclear or even contradictory marketing goals. No wonder they spend so much only to end up with few if any results. Worse yet, they position their brand on social media in a way that makes it vulnerable to customer complaints, ridicule, trolling, or competitor sabotage.

There are too many SMM nightmare stories out there. Contact us today. Tap our extensive expertise so you can leapfrog your more well-known competitors in your local market through the power of Instagram and Facebook.


Graphic Design


Every single piece of graphic, text, or content associated with your brand can benefit or harm your business. You can suffer harm through wasted opportunities as well as lost sales due to unclear or confusing graphics.

Graphic Design Pixel Marketing

We have helped local Australian businesses such as yours maximize their online brand power and value through message-centered graphics. We create graphics that enhance your brand and communicate your brand’s values loud and clear.

Fill out our contact form today for expert graphics creation. See with your own two eyes how the right graphics can help enhance your overall online impact!


Email Marketing


Hands down, email marketing produces the best return on investment compared to even high value and efficient online traffic channels like SEO. Year after year, surveys of digital marketing firms show that well-run email marketing campaigns produce more profit for every dollar spent than all other digital marketing channels. This is not going to change anytime soon.

Email Marketing Pixel Marketing

How come? Your cheapest source of new business is not walk-in traffic or top search engine rankings. Nope. Your cheapest (and most loyal source) of new profits is your existing customer base. By developing a relationship with them through your very own email list, you can drive wave after wave of customers through your business’ doors... for cents on the dollar!

Quick warning: It’s very easy to build worthless email lists that don’t do much of anything. You have to set it up right. You have to keep your list members engaged. Too many list marketers make little money. Many don’t make any money off their list at all. This is where we come in.

Using tried and proven list recruitment, member engagement, and list conversion strategies, we can help you build a powerful mailing list that continues to produce repeat sales for a long time to come. Contact us today about our expert email marketing services.


If you are tired of lackluster results or if you want to build a new site that will produce results almost from the beginning, contact us today. We are the results-obsessed partners for success your business deserves!



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