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Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing


Almost all the people who visit your local business site will never be back. You either have to convert every visitor you get to an appointment or a sale or you would have to drastically increase the amount of visitors your site gets. Thankfully, email marketing gives you a low-cost and more effective option. By turning your website and overall online presence into email collection opportunities, you get to stay connected with your customer base. Send updates to drive repeat traffic to your site or send promo codes to drive actual sales at your brick and mortar local business. Maximize your online marketing ROI by integrating email marketing into all your digital marketing initiatives.

Why Your Business Needs Us


We have helped local Sydney-area businesses such as yours stay engaged with their customer base over several years through email marketing. Our clients are able to quickly and cheaply boost site traffic and sales by simply sending an email update to their mailing list. Our list building campaigns don’t just turn clients’ sites into list building machines, we also turn almost all their online presence-from distributed content to social media accounts-into mailing list recruitment platforms. We use an integrated approach that don’t just use flat, lifeless email opt-in forms. Instead, we view every piece of content and engagement as a list building opportunity. Contact us today for a free consultation on how email marketing can turbocharge your results.

Get More Conversions Through Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the easiest way to convey deals and news to your current customer base!

We plan and execute email marketing strategies that WORK


Contact us today so we can help you put together a highly successful email marketing campaign that costs very little to set up. If you are looking to add email marketing to your current online marketing campaign, we are the strategic partner and service provider you have been looking for!

“The Money is in the list!” This is one of the most repeated phrases in online marketing. It’s easy to see why so many online marketers swear by email marketing: it truly works! Indeed, year after year, surveys among marketing firms constantly place email marketing in the top 3 most effective marketing methods. Indeed, for the longest time, email marketing got the top spot.

Why is email so effective?

When a visitor to your website submits their email address into your mailing list’s form, they are not just asking for information. They are not just filling out yet another online form. Instead, they are telling your business, in so many ways, that they trust your brand enough to want to hear from it on a periodic basis. Put simply, an email subscriber enters into a relationship with a brand. Within this relationship framework, your list members are more likely to pay attention to your emails. They are more likely to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Given the tremendous amount of trust involved in mailing lists, it is no surprise that a lot of list marketers make 6 to 7 figures year after year! Once you earn people’s trust, they are more likely to accept your recommendations. They are more likely to read content you share. They do all these because they are in a relationship with you: they trust you to deliver a certain type of content that speaks about a certain range of topics because they are looking for certain benefits.

The secret to effective emails

We have conceptualized, designed, built, and tested hundreds of email campaigns over the years. We have learned, through trial and error, the secret ingredients to effective email marketing campaigns: laser focused traffic targeting, high converting squeeze pages, value-added almost irresistible list premiums, on-point and laser-targeted email updates, compelling email headlines, and the right mix of content and ‘call to action’ email updates. Learning these the hard way takes quite a bit of time and money. It can also be very frustrating. Contact us today for highly responsive email campaigns that deliver solid ROI. We are the short cut to email marketing success you’ve been looking for.

Maximize your email marketing ROI

If you already have an active email marketing campaign, chances are very high you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Your campaign might not be all that efficient or effective. You might be settling for cents on the dollar. Maybe your niche targeting is off. Maybe you are appealing to the wrong audience segment. Maybe your email updates don’t get opened as much as they should. Maybe your updates don’t excite your mailing list members. Whatever the reason may be, your email campaign might not be living up to its fullest potential.

Contact us today for state of the art email marketing consulting. 100% free! Our consultation will help you find out where your campaign is falling short, figure out why your emails are not converting as well as they should, and why your mailing list is not recruiting as many new members as it could be. We also help you spot opportunities that may turn your mailing list from a ‘dead list’ into a money making platform that pushes more bodies through the physical doors of your Sydney-based business.

We design mobile-friendly email collection pages that work

Your mailing list’s sign up page or ‘squeeze page’ is crucial for your success. Sadly, too many local businesses just go through the motions when it comes to this very important page. They just use the ‘stock’ designs their mailing list service software provider offers. Local business owners just fill out a form, click a button, and out comes a mailing list form. No wonder most of these forms fail to recruit many eager local customers. How can they? They are flat, lifeless, boring, and their text doesn’t speak to the actual needs of your customers.

We build truly effective email lists from the ground up

We don’t just create beautiful-looking squeeze pages, we build pages that actually work. We’ve been around the block for many years now and we know full well that ‘cute’ or ‘beautiful’ pages often don’t perform as well as properly researched and tested squeeze pages. We have many years of successful email marketing to back this up. To truly turbocharge your Sydney-area local business’ email marketing campaign, we’ll walk you through the following stages:

* Customer Intelligence: we work with your existing local customers to get a clear idea of the kind of online content and incentives they’re interested in. We also source ideas on where to most reliably reach them online.

* Reverse-engineered base line design: we study your competitors very closely to isolate common squeeze page design elements as well as incentive ideas. We use these as your design base line so your list recruitment page doesn’t look too unfamiliar to your target audience members. Regardless, we make sure to include your business’ unique brand elements into this ‘industry standard’ design.

* Final design honed by extensive testing: While we start with an ‘industry standard,’ we run extensive tests using live social media traffic to fine tune the conversion capabilities of your squeeze page. We actively modify everything from the graphics to the layout to the text of your page so it can convert as much of its traffic into list members.

* Comprehensive performance tweaking: Unlike other email marketing firms, we don’t just deliver a squeeze page that converts well and call it a day! We work closely with you to ensure your emails get opened at a high rate. We also monitor your email’s performance to make sure enough of your members are clicking through to set appointments, buy stuff, or otherwise do things that put more dollars in your back account. We do this through a systematic fine-tuning system that eliminates the guesswork of taking your email from zero to hero!

Contact us today to tap the power of local email marketing for your business. Stop leaving your business’ success to chance. Armed with our email marketing expertise and our dedication to results, you can build a reliable source of revenue to your online presence.

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