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Why Your Business Needs Good Logo Design


Regardless of what industry your business is in, chances are your firm is not the only business in the greater Sydney metropolitan area providing your range of merchandise and/or services. Unless you find a way to make your business stand out from the competition, it would be very easy for your customers to ignore your business. High quality logos enable you to stand out from other enterprises who have similar offerings. Great logos make your business more noticeable and even more memorable. With repeated exposures, your logo can account for a significant part of your local Sydney-based business’ online brand persona.

Why Your Business Needs Us


Our logo design is very different from the typical logo service you find online. Instead of a ‘cute’ or ‘clever’ look, we study your local Sydney business’ value proposition and tie this in to certain values your customers seek. We sit with your to identify and zero in on customer-focused values like reliability, trustworthiness, integrity, predictable high quality results, and others. We design your logo with these values in mind. We meticulously craft each logo to create a graphic association with these values. The moment your customers see your logo, they are reminded of these values. This value-focused approach makes your logo stand out from your competition. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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A good logo says it all! Make sure you have a good logo to begin with!

We Design Truly Memorable Logos


Let’s face it, logos are a dime a dozen. In fact, almost all businesses-online and offline-have some sort of logo. Most of them are very easy to forget. You might have to be shown their logos several dozen times for them to have some sort of impression on you. That’s how forgettable they are.

You can’t let this happen to your business!

You only have one bite at the apple when it comes to making the right impression with your target audience members. Use a logo that not only grabs the eyeballs of your prospective customers, use a graphic that uses principles that make them more memorable.

That’s right-seeing your logo is not enough. Your customers have to remember your logo. Most importantly, they have to have some sort of impression about what kind of qualities or values your logo brings to the table. In other words, your brand has to communicate certain values that will set your local Sydney-based business apart from your competitors.

Sounds like a tall order? Well, for most logo design companies, this is all but impossible.

Anybody can design ‘cute’ logos. Some might even look downright clever. But ‘cute’ and ‘clever’ logos rarely sell because they’re noticed today and forgotten almost instantly.

Other companies can design logos and other graphics that are ‘packed with meaning.’ Sadly, these are so ‘packed’ that they are heavy to the eyes and confusing. These hardly make an impact.

Our company has produced thousands of logos over the years and we know what works. We have revised our logo design service offerings several times to fine tune and hone the impact our logos have on our clients’ customers.

This is why our logos do the following: * Eye-catching * Highly memorable * Directs your customers’ attention to your company’s values * Clearly communicates your company’s values

Instead of your logo functioning like some sort of graphics stand-in for your brand, if we design your logo, we’ll make sure this piece of graphic communicates your brand’s values.

We unleash the power of value-based branding and marketing

Make no mistake, it’s very easy for your target audience members to think all businesses in your industry are the same. They probably think “If you’ve seen (your type of business), you’ve seen them all.” This is the kind of thinking you DO NOT WANT your customers to have. Sadly, it’s all too common.

It’s easy to see why your target customers might be too easy to dismiss logos: they are all over the place!

Instead of mere ‘graphical logos,’ we create BRAND VALUE REMINDERS that link your company’s values to certain graphical ‘anchors.’ This design philosophy sets us apart because, hey, let’s face it, most other graphics companies are NOT marketing companies. Most of them have absolutely no clue when it comes to marketing your company and getting it to stand out from your competitors.

Everything must lead back to your company’s VALUE PROPOSITION

Why can we claim that our logos unleash the power of values-based branding and marketing? It all boils down to INTENT. That’s right-everything we design for clients is INTENDED to fit their other marketing messages.

Each and every logo we produce doesn’t just ‘float’ on the Internet. Totally forgettable. Just like all the other logos out there. Nope. We strive for something different.

When we design a logo, we pack it with cues that get people to think about what sets your business apart. Of course, what makes your firm distinctive are your company values. Well, at least they should!

Accordingly, we sit down with you and we get down to the nuts and bolts of the value your business brings to the table. We ask the following:

What sets your business offerings apart from your competitors? What benefits are your customers looking for? What kind of emotional state would your customers like from the products or services you offer? How would your customers know they are fully satisfied with your offerings?

Using your answers to these strategic questions, we craft a graphic that ties certain key product values and key performance indicators with your logo’s design.

Think of your logo as the THUMBNAIL SUMMARY of all the advantages and benefits your company brings to the lives of your customers. The more they see your logo, the more they are reminded by these. The more they see your logo, the more your business stands out from your customers.

Say good-bye to ‘factory style’ logo creation

Most other logo design firms actually treat logo creation very much like baking cookies. Seriously. If you’ve ever baked cookies, you’d know that one of the easiest ways to bake these is to stamp them out using a cookie cutter. You start out with some batter and after some stamping, you’ve got yourself a nice batch of cookies. Quick, painless, easy.

The problem? Your logo is not a cookie and treating it like one by just rehashing the same old tired fonts, templates, and graphics will lead to a logo that flat out FAILS.

We truly deliver CUSTOM logos

Each and every logo ordered from us is designed from the ground up. We design everything from scratch. We don’t use templates. We don’t use any kind of shortcuts that may save us time, money, and effort but harm your logo’s ability to draw eyeballs and connect with your intended audiences.

Your business is too important to us for us to play games with your logo!

Make no mistake, your logo is CRUCIAL to your business’ success. You want it to be a SHORTHAND reminder to your prospective customers of what values your company has. These values must bring benefits to their lives. These values must set your company apart from your competition.

Your business can’t stand head and shoulders above your competition if you use a logo that was cranked out from a template.

We create logos that deliver results!

Order our logo creation services today and you will quickly find out why our customers come back to us again and again as they launch new product lines needing new logos!

We make logos speak in terms of company values and priorities. We make sure all logos we produce enhance your customers’ perception of your company.

Contact us today to turn your logo into one of your most powerful marketing ASSETS.

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