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Why Your Business Needs PPC Campaigns

Pay per click search marketing campaigns make sure your business’ ads show up in front of the eyeballs of highly interested and motivated people who are looking for your specific type of service or merchandise. Your business gets noticed at precisely the point in time your prospective customers are most interested in what you have to offer. PPC campaigns focus on finding the right keywords your prospective customers would search for. These are tied into ads that directly address the needs of these searchers. The tighter the fit, the more people will click on your ad and possibly buy from you or book an appointment. Launch a PPC campaign today to get laser-targeted traffic that is more likely to convert into revenue!

Why Your Business Needs Us

It is too easy to lose money from PPC campaigns. While PPC traffic deliver highly targeted traffic that is more likely to convert, small businesses often pay too much money for PPC traffic. Whatever revenue they generate is quickly dwarfed by their costs. We have helped numerous Sydney businesses over the years to run highly profitable PPC campaigns. By targeting less-saturated keywords with high buyer intent and reverse engineering their competitors, we enable clients to pay less money per click while maximizing click through rates. This drastically reduced their new client acquisition costs. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can get laser-targeted PPC traffic for your local business’ site without breaking the bank!

Pay Per Click Google Adsense Advertising with Pixel Marketing

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest online method that can return near instant results!

We Run High ROI Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

If you own a Sydney-based local business, you might have been tempted to run a PPC campaign on Google Adwords. The idea of local customers clicking through to your website at precisely the time they are most interested in the merchandise or services you are offering might seem really tempting. After all, these users are actively looking for your offerings based on their search keywords. Wouldn’t it be great to get your website in front of their eyeballs precisely at the time they’re actively looking for your type of business? Here comes the bad news: PPC campaigns can easily burn a hole through your pocket while leaving you in an ROI hole. No joke. Real story. What can go wrong? First of all, PPC keywords are not created equal. Too many small business owners target keywords because a lot of people search for them. Although volume and topic relevance are very important factors when picking out keywords, you also have to make sure they are paired with the right  INTENT. There might be tons of people searching for “shoes” but too many of them might not be actively looking to buy shoes right here right now. You’d be be better off targeting people who type in “cross training shoes for sale”. Even though really long keywords might not get much volume, they might be so targeted and so focused on intent, they might yield a much higher ROI than high volume non-intent targeted words.

Our solution: Laser-focused intent targeting

Our local Sydney PPC campaigns focus like a laser on searcher intent. We sift through hundreds if not thousands of different keyword combinations to lock into the cheapest yet most intent specific keywords for our clients. This maximizes the chances our clients’ ads will be seen by people who are most likely to take action on the ads. Don’t be surprised by a significant boost in your ROI if we handle your PPC campaigns. Second, PPC keywords must lead to the right landing pages. You can’t just dump all your Google Adwords traffic to some sort of catch all page. Sadly, this is exactly what so many local business owners do. No wonder they can’t book appointments, get sales, or get local emails! Imagine going through the hard process of finding high intent keywords, bidding for them, and getting highly targeted and highly interested traffic. However, when they go to your landing page, they don’t know what to do. Your PPC visitors can’t quite figure out what your page is about. They don’t know how to act. They don’t know what is expected of them. Not surprisingly, they bounce out of your page. You don’t get a new customer. You don’t have a way of reaching out to them. You have lost them for good. Worse yet, you are out a few bucks for all your trouble!

Our solution: Highly responsive landing page designs

Working hand in hand with your PPC campaign, we design several landing pages intended to capitalize on the interest your target keywords speak to. These small differences in interest or objectives can lead to customer confusion. We map out the different intent ranges of each cluster of keywords we’ll use for your PPC campaign. We categorize these different intents and trace them to a range of possible consumer actions. For example, some people entering certain keywords might be looking to join a mailing list for more information instead of booking an appointment instantly. We also figure out PPC visitors’ eagerness to take an action. For example, some people might be looking to buy-but not right this minute! Armed with the information above, we create different landing pages for your PPC campaigns linked to specific clusters of keywords. Each keyword cluster has different intent ranges and user eagerness to take action. We run several rounds of low cost and low volume tests to ensure the pages truly convert your PPC traffic. Once we validate your custom PPC traffic landing pages, we scale up your traffic. Of course, we make sure all customer actions lead to warm bodies showing up to your business’ Sydney premises sooner or later. Third, too many local business owners write PPC ads that fall between the cracks. They simply describe their local business but they don’t really give the people seeing these ads a good reason why they should click through. Too many of these ads have headlines that are too forgettable. No wonder too many business owners pay too much money for low-converting traffic. They often suffer from negative ROI before things improve (i t all!).

Our solution: PPC ads that attract the right kind of attention

Just because you get someone to click on your ad doesn’t mean you are in the clear. In fact, if you get too many of the wrong people to click on your ads, your PPC campaign can become very expensive indeed. And you won’t have anything to s for it! Not only will most of these people fail to visit your business to buy anything or get services, but even if they sign up to your mailing list, most won’t do anything. They will ‘squat’ on your list and you might waste precious resources every month they are on your ma ng list. We write PPC ads that speak directly to the intent of the searchers of your keyword targets. But we don’t stop there! Our ads are also written to further filter people based on intent and eagerness to actually visit your shop, book an appointment, get discount codes, or do anything that will eventually put more money in your ba account. Not only do our ads attract the right eyeballs, we also call people to action. There are no gray areas or ambiguity in our ads. People know exactly what they’ll be getting. We don’t play bait and switch with your clicks because people who click through such ads won’t exactly be in a happy mood after being deceived. Instead, we write ads that say it like it is. We write 100% honest PPC ads that establish your local brand’s relationship with your new customer the right way from the ginning! If you are serious about getting a very positive ROI from every red cent you spend on local business PPC campaigns, contact us today. We have the expertise, experience, and attention to detail your campaign needs to SUCCEED!

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