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Regardless of size, Aussie companies cannot ignore SEO. As more and more consumers buy mobile devices like phones and tablets, more people are using the internet for guidance when looking to make a purchase. You are putting yourself at a serious disadvantage if your business cannot be found online. For the longest time, an online presence was purely an option for local Australian businesses. Not anymore. If you don't make sure your local or national business has a solid online presence, it's only a matter of time until your competition leaves you in the dust. You can take that to the bank. Even if you already have a website, it's not enough that you have an online presence. You also have to maximize your visibility. This means your website must easily be found by your target customers through search engines like Google, Bing, and others.  


What We Bring to the Table


 We offer different SEO packages that meet different companies' current needs, resources, and overall digital media advertising strategies.

All of our plans include our tried and tested SEO ranking strategies

he good news is, you don't have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare to succeed in using the internet to get new customers. Regardless of your budget, we have the right SEO package that would help your brand connect with new customers through search engines.  


We Are Not the Cheapest SEO Company


If you truly think a $500 a month SEO company will get you any ROI or real results with relevant keywords then you have come to the wrong place.

There is no such thing as cheap SEO. If you're paying $500 a month then you are probably just paying for low quality automated backlink blasts of low Domain Authority (DA) backlinks. These backlinks barely rank your targeted keywords and in some cases, such as an incorrect use of anchor text can have a negative impact on your rankings. Or even worse receive a penalty from Google and be removed from search listings.


SEO is all about ROI


SEO is not a cheap and quick way to get customers. SEO is an art that will give you a higher ROI than any other marketing practice on the planet.

Let's compare ROI with Adwords or any other advertising platforms. If you spent $500 what would you normally receive as profit in return $500-$1000? If you're lucky considering how high Pay-Per-Click costs these days? Ok that's not too bad.

But what if I told you that spending $1000-$3000 could return you $10,000 profit a month after 12 months. And what if you could maintain that ROI and grow it even higher as you push up page 1 after that initial 12 months of high quality link building? While maintaining your SEO costs at $1000-$3000?

With the right SEO agency this is possible.

It’s even more possible with an SEO agency run by the same guys that were able to rank multiple websites with an SEO ranking difficulty of 60-80 out of 100 on a worldwide scale. Note: The average SEO difficulty for most industries in Australia is well below 50. This is because of the smaller market.

If you understand the true power of SEO and it’s ridiculous ROI possibilities then you have come to the right place.


How long will it take to see results?


Real SEO implementation and high quality link building takes a minimum of 6 months to see real results. Because to correctly move up the ranks in Google you must build quality links and have quality content. Google is very smart and can no longer be tricked. It's not 2010 and pre-Panda algorithm anymore. Google’s new ranking algorithms have changed everything. Only the websites with the best quality backlinks and relevant content will rank top spots. The good news for you is that to be perfectly honest, there are simply not many websites in Australia with a good link profile so generally the competition is not that intense.

So while it’s impossible to promise you the 1st place on google, because googles ranking algorithms are closed source We are very confident in telling you that we can get your website ranking very highly for the best keywords that will bring you the best and most relevant customers.


How much will real SEO cost?


Our minimum monthly SEO package is $1199 a month for local businesses. This will be fine for most local businesses that do not have a high competitive SEO segment. Please bear in mind SEO difficulty is directly applicable to how good your competition is.

For example, if there are 10 plumber websites in Sydney that have really good backlink profiles and are ranking well on the 1st page then this would be considered a harder difficulty segment.

For what you will receive on our lowest plan however, we believe is the absolute best value SEO that you can purchase in the Australian market.

SEO takes 6-12 months to see results. This is because quality link building takes time. And as of Google introduced Rankbrain, Possum and now Fred ranking algorithms there are no longer any shortcuts.

We don't have any lock-in contracts because we don't want to lock anyone into anything and hope to have a long and successful relationship with our clients.

We do ask for at least 6 months of patience. Also, bear in mind we have the most transparent reports in the industry so you will know what is going on and most of our clients see dramatic rank increases within the first few months.

We even have a built-in Dashboard that you will receive an account and log in for. Here you will be able to track your rankings for specific keywords, traffic and even see details of your top 100 competitors.

Our prices are very competitive in relative to your quality of work because we are able to cut hours of repetitive tasks that other agencies must do manually. We have built our own custom tools that take hours of tasks such as market research, keyword research and backlink locating. This is what the majority of the price from an SEO plan comes from and the important part, which is the link building is usually automated with automated blasts of low quality of links. We have seen this time and time again and decided to change the game in Australia.

At Pixel Marketing we do literally the opposite of what 99% of SEO Companies and Consultants do.  We have automated the majority of repetitive tasks that can be automated with great programming and custom tools. And we spend the majority of our time manually building high-quality backlinks. Which is the single most important factor in what determines your rank in google.

Our basic plan features 10 hours of an SEO professional building manually backlinks per month. We do not include the time of keyword research, optimization, and backlink research. We mean 10 hours of solid manual high quality link building. The average SEO Professional charges between $100-$150 per hour and will spend at least several of his paid hours performing tasks that we can achieve with our custom tools with 10x less time.

If you don't believe us then please use our SEO Analyzer which is a tool built in-house that we decided to share for free to the public. The SEO Analyzer is Website SEO Audit tool that will automatically create a complete SEO Audit Report of your website. This SEO Audit is normally part of an SEO service or something that you could pay a one-off $500-$1000 bill for. We are offering it for free. For anyone to use.


We don't have any lock-in contracts because we don't want to lock anyone into anything and hope to have a long and successful relationship with our clients. However, we do ask for at least 6 months of patience. Also, bear in mind we have the most transparent reports in the industry so you will know what is going on and most of our clients see dramatic rank increases within the first few months.

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