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Why Your Business Needs SEO


When users enter search terms into search engines, they are looking for answers and solutions. SEO ensures your business’ website appears at or near the top of local users looking for your type of business. Potential customers find out about your business precisely at the time they are most interested in the kind of services you perform or merchandise you sell.

Search engine optimization makes sure your website gets free organic traffic from Google, Bing, or other search engines on a 24/7 year round basis. This steady stream of highly targeted and, often, highly motivated traffic can increase the number of physical visitors to your local business and boost your revenues!

Why Your Business Needs Us


We have several years of experience helping Australian based businesses such as yours get free, consistent, highly targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and others. We work closely with you to determine which keywords and search phrases to target.

Unlike other SEO firms who focus only on traffic volume and nothing else, we focus on traffic quality. This means we optimize your website to attract organic search traffic that is more likely to visit your business’ location. Traffic quality over quantity is our mantra and this is the reason why our clients enjoy a very robust ROI for every dollar they invest in SEO. Contact us today and start getting the high quality search engine traffic you deserve!

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We Offer The Very Best SEO & Latest Backlink Building Methods

We Are The Go To SEO Company in Australia



We have helped many small to medium-sized Australian companies get top rankings in some of the most competitive niches local and regional business niches.

We are dedicated to a brand-based approach to search engine optimization. Our many years of experience teaches us that nothing short of building solid online brand personas will help our clients get a competitive advantage in search rankings.



We will rank your website high in google.com.au  and keep you there.

We not only help clients reach the #1 rank for their keywords, we also focus on two other equally important objectives: sustainability and scalability.

Once you reach the top rank for your target keywords, we use a high value, high authority content-based maintenance strategy. We know that your competitors will try to claw back their previous top ranking. This is why we make sure to rank your site using high value ‘harder to get’ backlinks and citations.

What’s the point of getting to #1 when you can’t hang on to it, right? Get maximum peace of mind by ranking with the sustainability and consistency your brand deserves.

Reaching the #1 spot is just the beginning. First, we get you the top spot for easier to rank keywords. Next, we use leverage these top placements to boost your site’s chances of ranking much higher for more challenging keywords.

Depending on your niche, you might have tons of competitors slugging it out for the #1 spot for very competitive keywords. By first dominating ‘easier’ keywords, your brand escapes the bruising process of ranking for very difficult keywords from zero.



Most other Australian SEO firms use the same suite of free, generic, or premium optimization tools. No wonder they get very similar results-they get their keywords, backlink information, and other SEO data points from the same narrow range of tools everybody else uses.

We take a different path. Our custom tools reveal ‘low hanging fruit’ in your niche or business category that helps your site quickly dominate search terms your competitors are completely clueless about. Talk about starting with a bang!

What’s more, our custom tools let us ‘peek’ behind your competitors’ link footprints which lets us quickly identify a network of high value backlink sources. We help you earn links from these sources to outrank competing sites.



Our guiding backlink generation principle is “Fewer but Better.”

And it’s paid off handsomely for our clients!

We don’t make links by filling out forms at websites with no editorial control.

We don’t try to get links from websites that notoriously link out to tons of other sites.

We specifically target authoritative sites and resources in your niche to get the kind of ‘hard to build’ selective link footprint that puts your site over the top. Thanks to Google’s recent updates, the harder to get your backlinks are, the higher your site ranks!



How other sites links to your site matters as much as which sites link to you.

We help clients avoid Google ranking penalties by making sure the links we generate look natural. Since we earn backlinks for your site over an extended period, Google is more likely to rank your site higher than competitors who get lots of random backlinks in a very short period of time.

Plus, the backlinks we generate use anchor tags that are very similar to how bloggers, industry sites, and reference sites normally link to interesting sites.


We offer a full-range of SEO SERVICES

Our services include: SEO audit, Competitor research and analysis, keyword research, site structuring

on-page optimization, niche-specific backlink outreach, and content marketing.

Our SEO packages help your business get ahead regardless of size and how much resources you have available for digital marketing.

We are the SEO COMPANY Australian (and international) businesses turn to for RESULTS. How come? We bring the following key qualities to your SEO campaign: results-focused strategies, tried and proven best seo practices, high quality backlink sources, custom seo research and backlink analysis tools, and brand-centric optimization processes and system

If you are looking for the right SEO Agency we are it! You can rest assured that we have the RIGHT team to produce the kind of RESULTS you expect and deserve. Our family consists of: experienced researchers, creative and resourceful content creators, link builders with a knack for getting ‘impossible links,’ outreach professionals who know how to build long-lasting brand alliances, and managers who keep your brand’s integrity always top of mind.

We build solid Australian online brands using tried and proven SEO standards

Instead of just blasting your site with all sorts of links and citations from websites that may be totally unrelated to your industry or line of business, we take a different approach. Everything we do, from keyword research, brand analysis, competitor research, and other mission critical tasks refer back to our results-driven SEO CHECKLIST. This ensures everything we do on your behalf-from picking out keyword targets, structuring your site around strategic keywords, and attracting backlinks meets Google and other search engine’s quality guidelines.

To reach as many Sydney and Australia-based businesses as possible, we have a robust SEO RESELLER program.

We encourage web developers, content marketers, project managers, social media marketers, and other professionals who help small and medium sized Australian businesses gain an online presence to partner with us. Add value to your existing project contracts by reselling our SEO services. We offer everything on a purely white label basis-your clients wouldn’t even know you’re subcontracting SEO services out.

If you are a seed or angel investor and would like to protect or enhance the value of your investments,

add our services to your investment proposal. Boost your equity shares in your startup investments while boosting its online visibility.

If you are looking for the kind of SEO SYDNEY business owners seek out, contact us today. We will not only help your site become more visible, we will help you build a solid and sustainable brand in Sydney or other highly competitive markets in Australia.

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