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Why Your Business Needs SEO

When users enter search terms into search engines, they are looking for answers and solutions. SEO ensures your business’ website appears at or near the top of local users looking for your type of business. Potential customers find out about your business precisely at the time they are most interested in the kind of services you perform or merchandise you sell.

Search engine optimization makes sure your website gets free organic traffic from Google, Bing, or other search engines on a 24/7 year round basis. This steady stream of highly targeted and, often, highly motivated traffic can increase the number of physical visitors to your local business and boost your revenues!

Why Your Business Needs Us

We have several years of experience helping Sydney-based businesses such as yours get free, consistent, highly targeted traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, and others. We work closely with you to determine which keywords and search phrases to target.

Unlike other SEO firms who focus only on traffic volume and nothing else, we focus on traffic quality. This means we optimize your website to attract organic search traffic that is more likely to visit your business’ location. Traffic quality over quantity is our mantra and this is the reason why our clients enjoy a very robust ROI for every dollar they invest in SEO. Contact us today and start getting the high quality search engine traffic you deserve!

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We are the SEO Angency you can rely on for results

If you are a small business owner, please understand that you cannot afford to continue to remain invisible or close to invisible to prospective customers searching for your business on Google or Bing. Local business marketing changed dramatically when the Apple iPhone debuted on the global market in 2007. Ever since that time, consumers have increasingly used their 24/7 mobile access to the Internet to guide their buying decisions.

The Worst News for local Sydney businesses

As more and more Internet users use the Web to guide their local purchases, they are less likely to pay attention to traditional local business marketing factors. That’s right-it doesn’t matter if your company has been around for ages or is even considered by locals as some sort of ‘institution,’ your mobile-powered prospective customers focus mostly on how visible and ‘credible’ your business is online. Sadly, local brick and mortar credibility doesn’t automatically translate automatically to online credibility. We not only help your site achieve greater visibility in search results, we will also consult with you on how to position your site for optimal online brand credibility. That’s right-we help you get lots of free highly targeted traffic to your website from search engines. Watch many of these visitors turn into repeat customers!

We offer tried and proven Sydney-focused brand building expert SEO services

All our SEO expert campaign specialists are officially certified by Google. We don’t play any games when it comes to ranking our clients on Google and Bing. While other firms talk about ‘instant’ ‘top’ results, too many SEO service providers cut corners or use ‘quick and dirty’ tricks to get these results. Sadly, these don’t last. We offer long-lasting, consistent, and brand equity-building SEO solutions. Not only do we strictly comply with all quality guidelines set by Google, you can count on our 100% ethical, quality-focused link earning and SEO outreach practices. Please note that even though we are a 100% compliant SEO firm, we regularly get top ranks for our clients. Who said playing fair and playing by the rules doesn’t pay off? Contact us today so we can do a rapid assessment of your site to find the issues that prevent it from ranking as high as it should. We’ll also discover keywords you might not be currently targeting so you can get even more targeted local traffic to your website. Your current SEO agency might not even be aware of these. We help you claim the money you’re leaving on the table when your site fails to target these keywords. Since we strictly follow all of Google’s best practices guidelines, you can rest assured that the improved rankings we produce for your website will stick around for a long time to come and won’t put your site at risk. You will also get a clear understanding of everything we’re doing for you to improve your site’s search results through the plain English reports we send you every month. Take your site’s traffic performance to the next level by contacting us today for a free consultation and site assessment.

Rapid Results

Our analysis of your site will reveal keywords that will help you get improved results quickly. We focus on these first so you can enjoy a rapid improvement in your site rankings. Rest assured that these quick improvements will not come at the expense of your website’s long-term health. We don’t engage in fast and dirty practices which subject your site to possible penalties if not outright banning by Google. All our search engine optimization techniques and strategies comply with Google guidelines. With the right standards-based listing and link earning work and a lot of attention to detail, your site can see significant ranking improvements after several weeks. Call us today and let our experienced search engine optimization consultants walk you through the process of turbocharging your site’s search performance. You’ll be surprised by how quickly we discover your site’s weak spots! We are ready and eager to fix these so your site can get a nice boost in search results.

Target The Right Keywords

Too many otherwise well-built local business websites flounder in search results because they target the wrong keywords or they do a poor job focusing on the right ones. We will work closely with you to improve the click and traffic volume you’re getting from your existing target keywords. We will also do extensive research to discover better performing keywords. In fact, we specialize in finding keywords your competitors are unaware of! We will also help you position your keywords better so whatever traffic they attract from search engines are more likely to convert. Whether you take payment, ask for appointments, or simply give out driving directions on your website, we create a tighter and higher value fit between your target keywords and the content on your site. This leads to more customers physically showing up to your place of business. In other words, our keyword analysis helps you maximize your SEO budget’s ROI.

100% Google Compliance

We never fool around when it comes to Google’s quality guidelines and “best practices.” While too many other SEO firms based in and outside of Sydney readily use quick and dirty tricks to get their clients’ sites, the ‘instant’ results they brag about rarely stay put. Not only do their clients’ rankings quickly crash back to earth, they also run the risk of being penalized by Google. Indeed, when these other SEO companies are extra aggressive, they get their clients’ sites banned by Google. That’s right-these sites completely disappear from Google search results. You don’t have to worry about these nightmare scenarios if you entrust us with your website’s search engine optimization. We never stray outside of Google’s guidelines and standards. We play completely by the book and our clients have been greatly rewarded by Google with great rankings! While there are many situations where we have to make a judgment call due to unclear Google policies, you can bet that we’d rather be cautious rather than take wild risks with your website’s search traffic.

Full Accountability

If you let us handle your website’s SEO, we will never leave you in the dark. Not only will we send you clear plain English reports that are extremely easy to read and understand, we also account for all the work we do. You’ll see the steady progress of your campaigns complete with a breakdown of your site’s current rankings as well as ‘before and after’ comparisons.  This way, you can clearly see how much progress we’re making and which keyword targets are yielding the best results. We will also let you know if we are planning any shifts in strategy to maximize results or take advantage of new keyword opportunities. Our reports are very transparent. We never hide the ball. We run a fully accountable organization because we truly consider ourselves as your partner for SEO success. Contact us today if you would like your company’s site to be handled by a firm that is truly dedicated to your success.

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