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Why Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing


Social networks enable consumers to engage directly with local businesses. Not only can consumers get directions and store hours straight from the social media profiles of lohttps://pxm.com.au/wp-admin/post.php?post=1636&action=edit#cal service providers and merchants, they can also get promotional materials like discount codes and special freebie announcements. Local businesses can expand their brands’ reach by engaging with their existing customer base on social media. As fans share local business’ content, local firms can reach a wide range of nearby prospective customers. Last but not least, social media marketing enables businesses to shape, direct, or guide their online reputation. Actively build your brand online or be stuck with the bad brand created by your dissatisfied customers or critics.

Why Your Business Needs Us


Most of your customers are constantly connected to social media platforms through their mobile phones and tablets. As more and more consumers interact on social media, local businesses such as yours cannot afford to be absent from consumers’ social media diet. Hire us today to help you turn your current local user base into your online evangelists through social media platform-based promotions, high quality content, and direct consumer engagement. Best of all, our social media campaigns help you build a solid brand for your local business with a loyal follower base who are eager to share the word about your business.

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Social Media Marketing is the latest cost-effective solution for advertising and brand growth!

Let us help you achieve high ROI social media marketing results


You might think your local business only needs localized search traffic from Google and Bing. You might want to think again: you might just be cutting yourself off from tremendous local sales because of your lack of visibility on social media!

As more and more consumers stay connected to the Internet on a virtual 24/7 basis, they spend a large chunk of their time on social media. Since mobile devices, as well as personal details, allow social media platforms to show users ads based on these users’ locations, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer tremendous opportunities for laser targeted local business promotions and brand building.

Why social media marketing?

Not only would you be able to show your brand and special promotions in front of local prospects’ eyeballs, you would also be able to target them based on their interests. Since these users’ local friends can see their engagement with your ads, your brand also benefits from the ‘social proof’ created by the ‘likes’ your ads get. Marketing studies show that sales prospects are more receptive to a new brand or offer when they find out people they know already like or endorse that brand or offer.

Thanks to Facebook’s powerful “Lookalike Audience” targeting technology, your ad can be shown to people in your local area who share the same interests as people who already ‘liked’ your Facebook page. After your local customers have given you their permission, you can even feed their email addresses into Facebook so FB can target local people with the same interests.

Given how specific, targeted, and powerful social media marketing technologies can be, it is no wonder a lot of small local businesses just like yours enjoy better marketing ROI on these platforms compared to more traditional ad platforms.

We are the experienced social media specialists you need for targeted results

We have been helping local Sydney-based businesses maximize their social media marketing results through a results-oriented and brand-focused strategy. Other digital media agencies will give you a song and dance on how ‘crucial’ social media is to your local business. But they could never quite answer when you ask them about RESULTS.

We do things differently. We skip the hype and ‘blue sky possibilities’ of social media marketing. Instead, we start with results. How do we achieve this? We focus on crafting a social media marketing campaign that fits tightly with the kind of service or merchandise your local business offers. Starting with your existing base of customers, we plan social media campaigns that leverage your existing relationship with your customers.

We build on your relationships

Since your business already has customers and many of them have social media accounts, we work with you to come up with marketing campaigns that convert your existing physical customers into your very own online army of promoters. How? First, we work with you on how to incentivize your existing customers to like your Facebook page or view content you share on your page. Using special social media only discount codes or other promotions that require your customers to get codes from your social media accounts to redeem at your physical location, we can quickly get lots of targeted likes to your Facebook page.

Next, we legally and ethically study their content consumption patterns on your business’ Facebook page to discover their interests and content viewing patterns on Facebook. More importantly, we use Facebook’s custom audience technologies to target non-customers in your local area who share the same interest profile as your current audience.

Results-focused ads

By offering promo codes, special discounts, or digital giveaways to your local prospects on paid social media ads, we strive to drive a fresh wave of new customers to your business’ physical doors. We are able to do this thanks to our robust ad testing system. We don’t just run one ad for your business and accept whatever results it produces. Instead, we run several ads and continue to tweak them using small low-level test ad runs. We pick the highest performing ad and get it in front of the interest-targeted eyeballs we sourced using the process above. Properly executed, these ad campaigns deliver highly targeted eyeballs who are more likely to show up at your business’ location. You end up paying less for each new paying customer you acquire!

What makes us different?

Our social media marketing strategies focus on getting you results. We aren’t content with high engagement results. Instead, we use extensive user profiling so your ads are more likely to appear in front of the right set of eyeballs. Paired with several waves of low-cost ad testing, our strategy enables your local business to get a lot of motivated new customers without you having to pay an arm and a leg for them!

Expert Facebook ads assistance

We know Facebook’s ad management system like the back of our hands. We have used its very robust targeting technology to help our clients get more new customers with relatively small advertising budgets. Our results-focused and targeting-centered custom Facebook ad marketing campaigns enable you to get your best-performing messages in front of the most eager prospects.

Seamless Online marketing

Judging from our experiences with our clients’ most successful social media campaigns, the best performing online marketing campaigns involve a seamless integration of social media ads, content marketing, and list marketing along with SEO. Using this comprehensive approach, we are able to save customers money while maximizing the number of their new customers.

Hire us today

Contact us today so we can give you a free social media marketing campaign consultation. Let us help you identify effective and powerful strategies that leverage your current website, your existing customer base, and online activities to turbocharge the results you get with paid social media ads. We are a 100% Sydney-based company that has helped local businesses achieve great ROI with modest online marketing budgets. Take your business’ social media profile to the next level and contact us today!

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